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Arval commits to plant 10,000 trees in Luxembourg with Reforest'Action

Corporate 9 Nov 2021 , by

Arval Luxembourg, a major player in the operational lease market for company cars in Luxembourg, is strengthening its commitment to Corporate Social Responsability  (CSR) by supporting Reforest'Action, a Social enterprise  whose primary mission is to raise awareness and protect forests. 

In this context, Arval commits to plant 10,000 trees in Luxembourg during the 2020-2021 planting season. 

Many forests in Luxembourg have been adversely affected by  climate change an damaged by diseases and insects. Planting trees is therefore essential, and will generate many benefits at the local level: CO2 storage by trees and forest soils, creation of shelters for biodiversity, generation of oxygen through photosynthesis, and finally the creation of local jobs related to the planting and maintenance of trees until they are fully grown.

Reforest'Action is currently working on identifying the plots on which the trees will be planted, selecting forestry projects according to precise specifications, based in particular on the choice of varied species adapted to the local ecosystem.

This initiative mirrors Arval Luxembourg's milestone of 10,000 vehicles on the road wich it achieved in H2 2020 thanks to a strategy with a firm focus on client satisfaction and providing a high quqlity service every day. Arval Luxembourg's fleet has thus doubled in under 4 years. By reaching this milestone, Arvalhas strengtened its position as a major player on Luxembourg's operational lease market in Luxembourg. 

"Whether through concrete actions related to the energy transition or green mobility, it is our duty to have a positive impact in everything we do. Planting 10,000 trees can onlyhelp us put down deeper roots in Luxembourg and serve a tangible proof of our of our strong commitment to CSR. This action also symbolizes theun breakable bond between us and our clients and the trust they place in us, both of which are well grounded - just like the trees that will be planted! "says Gerry Wagner, Managing Director of Arval Luxembourg.


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