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Mid Term Rental : Whenever you Need to Start your Journey

You are free to choose a vehicle category and duration to fit your needs whether it is a car for 1 month or 24 months.

Your business is growing or you need an van for summer peak, you open a new office or want to pilot a new logistics direction: we will support any of your opportunities! Mid term rental is the solution to cover your growing needs or solve short term issues.

Pick your vehicle, click your term, and drive away !


When you need a car or van, quickly. You choose a category, we'll give you a lease for 1 to 24 months. Simple!

Peace of mind

You get full access to Arval services and outstanding customer service. 


A wide choice of vehicle categories, all best-in-class and fully-equipped. 



Service, Maintenance & Repair

Service, Maintenance & Repair keep your vehicle running and looking good: your vehicle is fully maintained.

24/7 Roadside assistance

Roadside assistance: available for you all day every day, to get you back on the road. wherever you are.

Tire management

We check your tires, fit new ones or repair them when needed.Your vehicle is equipped with winter tires upon delivery during the winter season.

Insurance and accident management

Arval offers you various cover options, from third party liability damage to full protection and personal injury.

Relief vehicle

If your car is immobilized, Arval quickly provides you a car to ensure your business and personal mobility

A personal account manager

You have only one contact person who manages all aspects of your vehicle and advises you if necessary.

Arval for service

  • marion_lu

    Duo services/price

    In Arval, we found a partner who supplied the level of high-quality services we needed in a cost-effective manner. The online fleet management tool, the mobile self-service app for our drivers and the unique point of contact supported simple and direct communication. The value has been proven for us in terms of efficiency.
    Johannes, Finance Manager
  • Arval - I am very satisfied with the service provided by Arval Luxembourg

    100% availability

    After nearly 10 years of working together, I really can say that I am very satisfied with the service provided by Arval Luxembourg. My contact person is always ready to help me no matter what my need. I thank them for all their help.
    Fabio, CEO
  • Vinçotte Luxembourg - Johannes Steffgen

    Fast and efficient

    Since the beginning of our collaboration, the Arval team has always been attentive, available, fast and efficient, always showing flexibility and good advice.We look forward to continuing this collaboration together for many years to come!
    Marion, coordinator
  • FAQ

    What is included in the leasing price?

    A full service package is offered; funding, insurance, service, maintenance and repairs, relief vehicle, road side assistance, winter tires, 3000 kilometers per month, delivery within 48 hours and a personal account manager. All the driver needs to worry about is refueling. To make this easy, we offer your driver a fuel card on request.

    Can I choose my Mid-Term Rental?

    You select your preferred category and we deliver you a suitable vehicle. This way we can ensure a competitive price at all times. Note that our vehicles are recent and popular models.

    What happens if I need to return my vehicle before the end-date?

    With Arval Mid-Term Rental you can end your contract at any time. We recalculate your monthly rental based on the actual Mid-Term Rental period.

    What happens if I want to keep my vehicle longer?

    Please contact your Arval Account Manager to extend your contract.

    What happens if I need more than 3000 kilometers?

    You can drive as many kilometers as you like. 3000 kilometers are included free of charge. For every extra kilometer you pay a fixed kilometer price. Kilometer prices vary per category.

    Need renting for few years?

    Discover our offer for more than 2 years "Long Term need"

    Why Arval?

    Trust in us

    The power of a global partner with over 25 years leasing experience, at your side

    Partner with us

    Our expert team helps you find the mobility solution that best suits your needs. 

    Rely on us

    1 contact person, assisted by his team, to answer all your questions

    Just Drive

    Drive, we'll take care of the rest