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Where can I go for maintenance?

Arval has a network specialized in the repair, maintenance and assistance of vehicles, widespread throughout the country, with skills in terms of information and technical equipment. Suppliers contracted by Arval guarantee compliance with quality in the work carried out. 

What maintenance / repair costs are not covered by my contract?

Certain services are not provided for in your contract and, as a result, will not be approved when your garage puts in a request to Arval.
If you would like to receive further information, please do not hesitate to contact us - Driver Desk  +352 44 91 80 400

How is the technical inspection of my vehicle organised?

As soon as you receive the reminder, arrange an appointment before its current certificate expires.

Please notice that you do not have to pay the invoice of your vehicle inspection if you chose one of the following service provider : SNCT, DEKRA and Luerenzweiler Kontrollstatioun. Ask them to invoice Arval Luxembourg S.A. directly.

If you chose any other provider, follow the instructions to be refunded on “Expense claim” part . We remind you that Arval only refunds a maximum of 64 EUR including taxes.


How do I get my tyres changed?

In all cases, tyre replacements must be carried out in one of our approved centres.
You must make an appointment in advance with the chosen centre. Consult the list:

The invoice will be paid by Arval.

Damages and insurance

Do I have to pay for my damage ?

As a rule, a deductible applies to any non-recoverable damage, including for window and tire damage. The car scheme states whether these costs are for your account or whether your employer pays them.

Am I insured worldwide ?

Click here to check the list of countries covered or not covered by Arval insurance.

Is glass breakage covered?

If you have any problems with broken glass, you can contact one of our approved suppliers.
Depending on the supplier you have chosen, you can ask to have the windscreen replaced at your home, see the list :

Your windscreen will be repaired or replaced and the invoice sent directly to Arval.

Breakdown and accidents

Is breakdown service included?

Breakdown and/or towing of your vehicle will be organised in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and abroad and a replacement vehicle will be made available to you by the Assistance.
Call our assistance on +352

What should I do in the event of an accident or damage?

Contact Arval immediately. In any case, send us the claim form within 48 hours, duly completed and signed. 

If the vehicle is immobilised: call our assistance on +352 The vehicle will be towed to one of our approved bodies and a replacement vehicle will be made available to you.

If the vehicle is roadworthy: continue on your way and make an appointment with one of our approved body shops.

- Call Arval on +352 44.91.80 400 during office hours.
- Send us back the amicable report duly completed (front and back) and signed with the opposing party and accompanied, if necessary, by the police report within 48 hours.
- If no other party is involved in the accident, you can declare the claim electronically via your My Arval access on or via the My Arval Mobile application.

Depending on your contract, a replacement vehicle will also be made available to you during the work.


Can I be reimbursed for my fuel costs?

If your employer has subscribed to the fuel service with Arval, you have a fuel card with its secret code (PIN code). This card, sent by post to your attention before delivery, allows you to refuel at Shell stations or the Routex network (Aral, BP, Agipe, Avia and Texaco stations) depending on the card you have chosen. 
It is important to enter the correct mileage for each refuelling, so that your employer has an accurate overview of your fuel consumption.

In the event of loss or theft of the card, please contact Arval immediately on +352 44.91.80 400


What should I do in case of theft or attempted theft?

In any case, you will have to file a complaint with the Police.
Notify Arval on +352
Then send Arval a brief account of the facts, the report number and the on-board documents, as well as all the ignition, alarm and circuit breaker keys.
Depending on your contract, a replacement car will be made available to you.

Delivery and return

How is my new vehicle de livered to me?

Arval agrees the delivery date with the dealer and contacts you by phone and email when your vehicle is ready. The delivery takes place at the dealership.
The official documents (vehicle registration document, technical inspection certificate, green insurance card and copy of the certificate of conformity, maintenance booklet) are given to you upon delivery.
The Arval service guides and your fuel card (if applicable) are sent to you by post before your vehicle is delivered. 

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