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If your vehicle breaks down (and is not driveable):

Call our Assistance team on +352 27 44 94 94.

The Assistance team will arrange to have your vehicle repaired and/or towed and will provide you with a replacement vehicle.

If you have had an accident/wish to make a claim:

If the vehicle is not driveable:

Call our Assistance team on +352 27 44 94 94. The vehicle will be towed to one of our approved body shops and you will be provided with a replacement vehicle..

If the vehicle is driveable:

Continue with your journey and make an appointment with one of our authorised body shops.

Notify Arval by calling +352 44 91 80 444 during office hours.

Send us the accident report duly completed on both sides and signed by yourself and the other party, together with the police report where necessary, within 48 hours.

If your policy allows, you will also be provided with a replacement vehicle while repairs are carried out.

When your vehicle is due a service

Arrange an appointment with an approved garage of your brand of vehicle at your convenience..

When your appointment is fixed, inform the garage of any problems you may have detected.

The invoice will be paid by Arval.

Remember to regularly check your oil between scheduled services and top it up if necessary (the cost of one litre of oil is paid for by Arval).



If you need to change a tyre:

Tyres must always be replaced at one of our approved centres.

Please make an appointment with your chosen centre in advance.

Since October 2012, the Luxembourg legislation requires that from the 1st October, the vehicle must be equipped with winter tires in winter weather conditions. Your contract automatically includes them and if your car is delivered during the winter, rthe winter tires will automatically be on the car (the summer tires will be stored with one of our agreed tire center ). You must of course ensure planning tire change (summer / winter) each seasonality.

Also remember to regularly check your tyre pressures. Driving with underinflated tyres increases wear and can cause accidents.

In the event of theft or attempted theft:

You must always file a complaint with the police.

Notify Arval by calling +352 44 91 80 444.

Then send Arval a brief statement of the facts, the crime number and the vehicle documents together with all your ignition, alarm and immobiliser keys.

If your policy allows, you will be provided with a replacement vehicle.


If you have a broken windscreen:

For all broken glass, call one of our approved suppliers.

Depending on which supplier you choose, you may be able to have the windscreen replaced at home.

Your windscreen will be repaired or replaced and the invoice sent direct to Arval.

If your vehicle is due its technical inspection:

As soon as you receive the reminder, arrange an appointment with the SNCT (national technical inspection company) before its current certificate expires. Pay the fee when the inspection takes place.

Send us the original invoice and your bank details and we will refund the technical inspection fee of € 61,00 including taxes.

If, however, your policy should expire before the deadline, you should not make an appointment for its technical inspection.



Fines are the result of your own behaviour (on the road) and therefore you are responsible for them. You can't declare the amount in question in your expenses. This also applies for the costs of having your vehicle impounded, for instance for speeding.

Geographical coverage insurance

Click here to check the list of countries covered or not covered by Arval insurance..

Expense claim

Use the Arval form to report expenses* you have paid for.

You can download the form here. Once you have filled it in, e-mail it to your usual Arval contact together with scans of your receipts (please enter "Expense Claim" as the subject).

* Claimed expenses must be covered under your contract. Claims are subject to approval by Arval Luxembourg. Please check your Car Policy before submitting a claim.

End of contract: return of your vehicle

You will find here the information regarding returning your lease vehicle.

Information about AdBlue®

AdBlue® is now essential in order to meet the Euro 6c emissions standards imposed on automotive manufacturers for diesel engines fitted with a selective catalytic reduction (SRC) system.

To find out all you need to know about this consumable, click here