My Arval Mobile

My Arval Mobile

My Arval Mobile is the self-careapp for people driving an Arval vehicle. Easy, simple and fully secured, My Arval  Mobile allows you to search for a garage, to claim an accident and to find all the useful information about your contract and vehicle.

My Arval Mobile  is available on all your devices 24/7, and thanks to it you can easily get assistance in case of emergency.

Everything that you need, in the palm of your hands!

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  • Features of My Arval Mobile

    At a glance, My Arval Mobile offers you:

    • access to all useful information included in your contract
    • the geolocation of Arval-approved suppliers for maintenance & tyres
    • the possibility to contact Arval with a single click in case of an emergency or question
    • the history of the messages we send you
    • direct access to all driving statistics
    • list of FAQ’s related to our services


    The app is regularly updated to add more functionalities and improve your experiences.

    My Arval Mobile is available for Android and iOS users. Download it for free today.

    Arval Mobile in Play Store

    Arval Mobile in App Store

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    Do you need to access to My Arval Mobile? Click here to request your credentials!

    Fill the form and we will send you by email the credentials to access to the tool.

    Do you have questions? Check our FAQ below!  


For any question about My Arval, please check our FAQ below

My password does not work? Can I request password reset?

Go to, and at the bottom of the login window you will find the option ‘Forgot password’.
Enter your email address and click on Submit. We will send you a new password via email.

Is MyArval Mobile available in another language?

We're sorry, but MyArval Mobile is available in French  and English. 
Future version will allow you to choose your preferred language.

My username/password is incorrect. How will I be able to login ?

Arval changed the login procedure of online accounts to meet the latest standard in privacy legislation. As a consequence, your password needs to be changed.

Change your password via Click on ‘request password’, then fill in your business email address and click on ‘send request’. You will receive a link to create a new password. Please note that you have 15 minutes to do so.

I cannot find My Arval Mobile in the App Store or Google Play. Where do I download the app ?

For french phone numbers, make sure you download the My Arval Mobile app in the store of the country where your Arval vehicle is registered. In case of problem, click here to follow the process and connect on the right store.

Why do I have access to 'My Arval' but not to My Arval Mobile ?

My Arval Mobile was created for drivers linked to a single car. You must drive an Arval-car (no order) and this only can be one car. When you are linked to multiple cars, you don’t have access.

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