Sales and leaseback

Sale and Leaseback : Vehicle management that gives you back control

Do you want to opt for operational leasing, but you already own vehicles financed in another way? No problem: Arval takes your vehicles back and then leases them back to you. Sale & Leaseback frees up capital for your business and reduces risks. An operational leased fleet including maintenance makes fleet management services more transparent and standardised. 

Arval's Sale and Leaseback helps you take control of cash-flows associated with your vehicles.


    If you currently own a vehicle fleet outright, you may be exposed to financial, disposal, and reputation risks. That’s where sale and leaseback comes in - you sell your fleet to us, and we lease it back to you. You keep your vehicles, we take over the risks and provide a full suite of services to you and your drivers. 

    • Financial risk: With ownership, you are also exposed to wear and tear, maintenance, tax, and the uncertainty of accidental damage.
    • Disposal risk: Vehicles depreciate at various levels - leaving you with uncertain returns when it comes time to sell them
    • Reputation risk: older vehicles, even with minor scratches, can effect how the customer view the quality of your brand (and your CSR credentials).

    With sale and leaseback, you receive an immediate cash injection into the business. Remove the financial risk associated with owning depreciating vehicles.

    How Sale and Leaseback Works:

    1. We buy your existing fleet at an agreed price, which releases funds for your business
    2. We provide your fleet as a fully managed set of fleet leasing services, reducing your operational and time burdens.
    3. We continually optimise your fleet services, allowing your fleet to become aligned with your core business strategy.


    For businesses with a large existing fleet, Sale and Leaseback is a sensible fleet risk management strategy.

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