Bike Lease

Moving towards a new mobility. Discover our Arval Bike Lease offer

Our travel habits are changing.
More and more employees are considering the possibility of using the bike as an additional means of travel. The provision of different forms of alternative mobility is therefore currently essential within the framework of a sustainable mobility policy.

Arval, a major player in the vehicle leasing market in Luxembourg and specialist in new mobility solutions, now offers the leasing of electric bicycles.

Arval Bike Lease

  • Why choose Arval Bike Lease ?

    At Arval, cars and bicycles coexist and even complement each other.
    Arval Bike Lease offers its customers with an operational leasing car the possibility to access, as part of their vehicle leasing contract, a selection of new electric bikes suitable for urban travel.

    By opting for Arval Bike Lease, diversify your mobility policy and benefit from the many advantages offered by bike leasing.

  • Arval Bike Lease : how it works

    Arval offers a full-service operational solution for bike leasing.
    We work with reliable and specialised partners in the bike sector to provide you with quality service.

    Budget controlled and without unexpected costs; the following services are included in a fixed rent:

    • Maintenance
    • Assistance in the event of technical problems
    • Cover for material damage, subject to payment of an excess (including the theft event under conditions)

Benefits of Bike Lease


Reduction of your company's environmental footprint and greater compliance with your company's social responsibility



Improvement in your employees’ health


Favourable tax treatment for company bikes



No benefit in kind

Not treated as a benefit in kind for your employees


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Interested in our offer?

Arval Bike Lease is a product propose only for professional customers (self-employed, liberal professions and SMEs) established in Luxembourg by Arval Luxembourg in its capacity as lessor.  Arval Bike Lease is a product propose for a duration of 36 months, and solely available in conjunction with a (new or existing) operational leasing contract, for one or more bicycles leased. All vehicle operational leasing and Bike Lease contracts are always subject to Arval Luxembourg SA terms and conditions, as provided when said leasing contract is concluded.

This communication does not constitute an offer.

Arval Luxembourg SA cannot be held responsible for incorrect information in this communication.

Responsible publisher: Arval Luxembourg S.A, 2 rue Nicolas Bové L-1253 Luxembourg, TVA LU169 46 206 - RC B57655,,

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