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Arval Mid-Term Rental


Whether you’re working with interims, (external) consultants, expats or probationary employees, we provide you with an (almost) new, well-equipped vehicle with all the services you need.

Arval Mid-Term means


  • you select your preferred vehicle category
  • you choose the desired length of contract, and we find you the right vehicle
  • your vehicle will be delivered to any location you want, in Luxembourg, within 48 hours*.


  • contract length of 1 to 24 months
  • duration may be modified if your situation changes during the contract (we recalculate your monthly rental based on the actual Mid-Term Rental period)


  • A complete range of services** as well as 3,000 kilometres per month are included.

Interested? See our offers below or contact us directly via info@arval.lu or at 00 352 44 91 80

 * urban, compact and minivan
** insurance (third-party, comprehensive and driver insurance, legal protection), servicing and repair, replacement vehicle in case of breakdown or immobilization, roadside assistance, winter and summer tyres


How does it work?


Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in the leasing price?

A full service package is offered; funding, insurance, service, maintenance and repairs, relief vehicle, road side assistance, winter tires, 3000 kilometers per month, delivery within 48 hours and a personal account manager. All the driver needs to worry about is refueling. To make this easy, we offer your driver a fuel card on request.

Can I choose my Mid-Term Rental?

You select your preferred category and we deliver you a suitable vehicle. This way we can ensure a competitive price at all times. Note that our vehicles are recent and popular models.

What happens if I need to return my vehicle before the end-date?

With Arval Mid-Term Rental you can end your contract at any time. We recalculate your monthly rental based on the actual Mid-Term Rental period.

What happens if I want to keep my vehicle longer?

Please contact your Arval Account Manager to extend your contract.

What happens if I need more than 3000 kilometers?

You can drive as many kilometers as you like. 3000 kilometers are included free of charge. For every extra kilometer you pay a fixed kilometer price. Kilometer prices vary per category.