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Leasing or Buying?


What if you change your view on operational car leasing?

More and more Luxembourg residents are choosing private leasing. What about you?

Operational leasing, which includes all the services related to the use of a car, is becoming increasingly popular among Luxembourg residents.
What are the factors that have motivated their decision to lease a car on the long-term rather than to buy one?

In addition to the economic interest, it is the added value of the all-inclusive services that must be measured in order to evaluate the direct purchase of a vehicle versus the long-term lease.
On the one hand, owning a vehicle requires an investment and a fluctuating resale value, and on the other hand, using a vehicle means seeing the car as a service to be packaged according to one's needs and desires.

Is private operational leasing more expansive than purchasing?

In order to carry out your own analysis, we have compiled a list of cost factors linked to the use of a car. It is up to you to decide whether owning your vehicle is really advantageous.

Private lease versus Purchasing a car

In addition, your savings remain untouched - you can keep them or use spend the money on other personal projects than a car!