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About Private Lease


What is Private Lease?

As a private individual, resident in Luxembourg, you rent a new car which you carefully choose and that you will enjoy for at least 3 years. You rent the vehicle and pay a fixed monthly rent including a set of services.

What is Included into the car rental?

The so-called "operational leasing" includes a range of services that simplify the life of the drivers. The maintenance of the vehicle is taken care of, as well as all administrative aspects such as registration or annual road tax.

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How does it work with Arval?

You pick, we collect. 
From the moment you choose a vehicle on our website, Arval REALLY takes care of EVERYTHING for you. All you have to do is to start by selecting your car model.

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What are the advantages of a car in Private Lease?

Drive a new car without paying for it with your savings or taking out a loan and without having to worry about technical or administrative procedures. That's what the formula private lease offers you.

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What are the terms and conditions of the Private Lease Contract?

You are considering entering into a Private Lease contract, but you would you like more information about the terms and conditions? We fully understand that. 

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