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My Arval Mobile Store access

Instruction to connect the correct app for My Arval Mobile

If you have any problem to download the correct app from the store, you need to set your device to the country where your vehicle is registred.

These are the steps you need to follow for the Apple app store:

Go to your Settings
Select iTunes & App Store
Tap on your Apple ID.  
Tap View Apple ID.
Tap Country/Region. 
Tap your new country or region, then tap Next.
Review the Terms and Conditions and Apple Privacy Policy, then tap Agree if you agree
In the prompt that appears, tap Agree.



These are the steps you need to follow for the Google Play store:

Go to Google Payments and sign in with your account.
Click on Settings in the top right corner.
Click Edit next to the Home address and update the address.
Now, on your mobile device, open the PlayStore and try to buy any item. You don't need to complete the purchase, just proceed until you reach the 'Accept and Buy' screen. 
Now, close the Play Store and open the Settings app and go to Apps > All > Google Play Store. Then tap on 'Clear Data' button.
Now, again open the Play store app. The country would have been updated.