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Adblue® is now essential

What is AdBlue®? 

All new vehicles must comply with Euro 6c standards in order to be registered.

This is a standard which lowers the levels of certain pollutants, especially nitrogen oxides (NOx) and, above all, nitrogen dioxide. Nitrogen dioxide, which previous standards capped relatively little, has been on the rise in recent years given the increasingly higher engine temperatures recorded in order to improve their performance. The Euro 6 standard therefore signals a big step forward: it halves the maximum authorised emissions of these gases. In order to meet this standard, manufacturers fit filters to their engines.

In order to reduce the emissions of pollutants as set out by the Euro 6c standard, diesel engines fitted with the Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system require the addition of AdBlue® solution.

The goal of this standard is to meet nitrogen oxide emission limits set at 80mg/km.

AdBlue® is a non-toxic, hydrosoluble liquid designed to treat exhaust gases. It is made up of 32.5% urea and 67.5% demineralised water. It is not dangerous to handle, so you can refill it using a container (as with windscreen washer fluid).


How does it work?

Using it enables 85% of pollutants (NOx) to be reprocessed.

The capacity of the AdBlue® tank provides sufficient levels between each service. However, it is possible for the tank to run empty before the service date. In this case, the liquid needs to be refilled.


Where can it be purchased?

To facilitate the addition of AdBlue® when necessary, we recommend that you go to a service station (AdBlue® is available in canisters of 5 litres or more in the shop or via the AdBlue® dispensing nozzle if the service station has this facility).

Make sure you add AdBlue® to your vehicle's AdBlue® tank using the filler cap provided (this is usually found next to the fuel tank filler cap).


What happens if AdBlue® is not refilled?

The vehicle may lose power and operate in reduced functionality mode. With some models, the vehicle simply will not start.