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Why leasing

Leasing: better than purchasing cars

Why should you choose operational leasing instead of outright purchase or other funding methods? Because we take on responsibility for numerous services, while you focus on your core business activity.

What does leasing mean?

Leasing means letting another company supply you with the vehicles required for your staff to conduct their day-to-day business. Contrary to common belief, leasing is neither cheaper nor more expensive than buying your own vehicles: The costs are more or less equal. The primary reason for you to choose the leasing option is that managing vehicles is not your core business -- it's ours. We keep the process smooth and simple. You pay a fixed monthly amount, you outsource your risk and we look after the day-to-day administration of the cars.
Arval will offer you more than just leasing, meaning we focus on the quality of vehicles, quick and easy purchasing and delivery, essential services required for the fleet but also customer care (listening to the voice of customer and driver), transparency, responsiveness, expertise, people who will go the extra mile to find the right solution for you.

The many advantages of leasing

There are countless benefits to leasing your vehicles:

  • You outsource the risk to another company
  • You reduce the time spent managing vehicles and dealing with such issues as payments, routine servicing, faulty cars and road accidents
  • Your costs are kept under control -- by us, with no extra effort on your part
  • You free up capital