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Your most frequently asked questions about Covid-19

In this very unique situation, we are doing everything in our power to offer you the best possible service.

Do you have any questions, difficulties or comments about your lease vehicle, or about arranging maintenance, repairs or a change of tyres?
We have provided the most frequently asked questions below to help you understand what impact the lifting of coronavirus restrictions will have on your lease vehicle.
If your question is not included, the answer is not clear or you would like further information:
Please contact our sales department, which remains available to assist you, on +352 44 91 80 or at info@arval.lu.

We would like to remind you that when you travel or access services, you must comply with the restrictions of the Luxembourg government that remain in force.



My car is currently at the dealership for mechanical repairs or maintenance. Can I go and collect it?
I have an appointment for mechanical repairs to my vehicle, maintenance or a change of tyres in the next few weeks. Can my appointment go ahead, or should I cancel it?

You may now access vehicle services at all of our providers.

The recent lockdown period has naturally caused some delays, but our service providers will be able to meet your request, depending on:
- reception arrangements; these will strictly comply with health and hygiene rules
- the technical and logistical capabilities that the providers currently have.

We advise you to contact your service provider to find out their availability, bearing in mind that the 'pick-up' service (if applicable to you) cannot be guaranteed by our providers.

Please note: If any warning lights have appeared on your dashboard, stop your car and refer to your user manual in the first instance. If it indicates that you must not continue driving the vehicle, please contact Arval Assistance on (+352) 27 44 94 94.

I would like to make an appointment to have my winter tyres exchanged for summer tyres. Is this possible?

You may now access the services available at all of our providers.

Please bear in mind that the operations of tyre centres and the time needed to change your tyres may cause a delay. Contact your tyre service centre for their appointment options.

Check your tyre pressure after a long period without driving the vehicle: if you return to the road after your car has been stationary for a long time, you may see an error message on your dashboard (from the tyre pressure sensors). To avoid a loss of pressure that can occur over time, we advise you to check your tyre pressure on a regular basis (refer to the manufacturer's instructions).
You may also have what are known as 'flat spots'. These are where the rubber becomes flattened on the small sections of the tyres which are in contact with the ground and bear the entire weight of the car. These flat spots can cause vibrations which disappear once you have driven a little.


What should I do if my vehicle is involved in an accident or damaged in the coming weeks?

Should your car break down, be in an accident or have a puncture, our assistance service is operational 24 hours a day on +352 27 44 94 94.
If roadside assistance is provided, please respect the health and hygiene rules you will be asked to follow.


My new car was due to be delivered in the coming weeks and/or my vehicle was due to be returned. Will this still take place?

Following production delays in the motor vehicle industry, deliveries are now resuming gradually according to the capacities of dealerships, and in compliance with their own health and hygiene rules.
Vehicles may only be returned by appointment. Please would you kindly contact Arval to arrange your visit in the best possible conditions. Like deliveries, returns will be carried out subject to the necessary health and hygiene precautions.

For further information, please contact us on (+352) 44 91 80 or by email to info@arval.lu

I would like to order a new car. Is this possible?

Yes, it is. Please contact us about this. Delivery times for new cars are expected to be longer than usual because of delays in the motor industry, but together with you, we will endeavour to find the solution best suited to your situation.


My car must have its vehicle safety test in the next few weeks. What should I do?

According to the latest information we have received, vehicle safety tests have resumed as normal. If your vehicle needs to undergo its safety test, we recommend that you contact the Société Nationale de Contrôle Technique (SNCT) to arrange an appointment.