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Bike Lease offer

Towards a new mobility

Discover our Arval Bike Lease offer

Our travel habits are changing.

Providing different forms of alternative transport is currently crucial as part of a sustainable mobility policy. An electric bike is a sporty and healthy option that enables you to reduce your carbon footprint, so it’s the perfect solution!

Why choose Arval Bike Lease?

Our cities have never been as congested as they are today. As a result, more and more employees are considering the option of commuting to work by electric bike. This is the opportunity for your business to get in the saddle.
By opting for Arval Bike Lease, diversify your mobility policy and benefit from the many advantages offered by bike leasing.


Benefits of Bike Lease for your business:

  • Favourable tax treatment for Nos villes n’ont jamais été aussi congestionnées qu’aujourd’hui. En conséquence, de plus en plus d’employés envisagent la possibilité de se rendre au travailcompany bikes
  • Reduction of your company's environmental footprint and greater compliance with your company's social responsibility
  • Improvement in your employees’ health


Benefits of Bike Lease for your employees:

  • Not treated as a benefit in kind
  • Less time wasted in traffic jams and less stress caused by traffic problems 
Arval Bike Lease: how it works?

Arval offers a full-service operational solution for bike leasing.
We work with reliable and specialised partners in the bike sector to provide you with quality service.

Our offer includes the following services:

  • Financing of the bike
  • Maintenance and punctures
  • Assistance in the event of technical problems 
  • Risk coverage against theft involving breaking and entering

Ready for the two-wheel revolution and for new travel solutions?
Curious to find out more for you and your employees?

Don’t hesitate to contact our team, who will answer any questions you may have: 44 91 80-1 – info@arval.lu

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