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I am an Arval driver

How about a really useful application for everyday life!


Our goal is to provide you with the best self-care tools to make your life easier. That’s why we have My Arval Mobile*.
You can take care of your lease vehicle easy and fast and you get the maximum level of customization and intuitive features. The app is intuitive, dynamic and easy to use, offering functions tailored to your mobility needs: responsiveness, time-saving and optimised organization.

The key functions of the app are:

  • Find the practical information of your contract and the geolocation of approved suppliers by Arval
  • A question? A problem? Direct contact with Arval
  • Storage of messages and documents you received from us
  • Direct access to all your driving statistics

Activate your account on mobile.myarval.com
Download My Arval Mobile on Android or iOS stores:
- App Store : click here
- Google Play - click here

* can be used when your vehicle is on the road

‘My Arval’
All that what is on My Arval Mobile is also available in ‘My Arval’. An important difference is the vehicle choice list. Three months before your lease contract expires, you will be notified by us that is time to start thinking about a new lease vehicle. Via the vehicle choice list on ‘My Arval’ you can easily select the vehicle of your preference and calculate your own contribution.


Frequently Asked Questions

My username/password is incorrect. How will I be able to login?

Arval changed the login procedure of online accounts to meet the latest standard in privacy legislation. As a consequence, your password needs to be changed.

Change your password via myarval.com. Click on ‘request password’, then fill in your business email address and click on ‘send request’. You will receive a link to create a new password. Please note that you have 15 minutes to do so.

I cannot find My Arval Mobile in the app store or Google Play store. Where do I download the app?

For french phone numbers, make sure you download the My Arval Mobile app in the store of the country where your Arval vehicle is registered. In case of problem, click here to follow the process and connect on the right store.

Why do I have access to ‘My Arval’ but not to My Arval Mobile?

My Arval Mobile was created for drivers linked to a single car. You must drive an Arval-car (no order) and this only can be one car. When you are linked to multiple cars, you don’t have access.