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Arval Easy Travel offer

There's no longer any need to choose between electric and conventional vehicles.

Arval Easy Travel gives you the option of occasionally changing your main electric vehicle for another conventional motor vehicle that may be better suited to your drivers' occasional mobility needs.
A vehicle suitable for going on holiday, for example, or any other vehicle to meet drivers' needs at a given time.
With Arval, that's how easy it is to drive electric vehicles.


What are the benefits of Arval Easy Travel?

By choosing Arval Easy Travel, simplify your mobility and take advantage of its many benefits.

  • Flexibility: ideal for holidays or any other mobility need for long journeys,
  • Ease: by selecting this option when you sign for your electric vehicle, you can book a conventional vehicle 15 days before use,
  • Corporate social and environmental responsibility: many drivers are tempted to choose an electric vehicle, but order a conventional vehicle instead to be able to cover a longer distance if necessary. This offer enables them to drive an electric car all year round and have a conventional vehicle when necessary, and thereby contribute to our collective social and environmental responsibility.
Arval Easy Travel: How it works?

  • This offer is only valid for 100% electric vehicles,
  • The total annual duration for use of this service is 23 days (to be used on 3 occasions maximum per year) for each year of the contract,
  • This option must be activated at the start of the contract,
  • The request for a conventional vehicle must be submitted to Arval Luxembourg at least 15 days before use.

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